Accelerating the creation of more job makers and less job seekers.

Our Mission

To accelerate the creation of more job makers and less job seekers.

Our Vission

To be the premier body representing young entrepreneurs both in South Africa and Africa as a continent.

Our organization has been present for years, representing young entrepreneurs.

The Evolution.

Youth in Business South Africa (YIBSA) is a registered Non-Profit Organization established for the sole purpose of accelerating the creation of more job makers and less job seekers. Youth Entrepreneurship still remains a practical solution to global challenges of youth unemployment, poverty and inequality. It promotes opportunities for sustainable job creations, self-employment and innovation. YIBSA plays a coordination role through forming alliances with local entrepreneurship organizations. These are the 6 Pillars of YIBSA:-

• Investment and Access to Capital;
• Education and Co-ordinated Support;
• Government Regulation and Taxation;
• Trade and Globalization and;
• Entrepreneurship Culture – Mentorship & Coaching.

It is through these pillars that YIBSA is in a position to unlock economic opportunities and market access for young entrepreneurs. The development of small to medium size enterprises is a key to developing and growing economies and YIBSA prides itself as being a pioneer of this mission. YIBSA also provides entrepreneurial advisory service to aspiring and thriving entrepreneurs through their rich networks of key industry and government role players. The leadership of YIBSA comprises of individuals who are skilled and experienced entrepreneurs, in their own rights, having volunteered to take young enterprising minds to the next levels. It is through this backdrop and appetite for steering the journey of young entrepreneurs in South Africa that YIBSA was born.